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Right to Information Act

People's Right to Know


By adopting the Right to Information Act, 2009 (RTI), Bangladesh joined 90 other countries/territories in the world that have enacted similar laws to empower their citizens to monitor the work of the government. The Bangladesh RTI Act additionally includes NGOs who use foreign/public fund to come within its purview.

RTI Act compels public authorities to disclose hitherto undisclosed information of public interest to enquiring citizens. The idea is that by accessing and utilizing such information citizens will be able to claim their rightful entitlements from the authorities and make them more transparent and accountable. A successful RTI regime thus serves the interest of both individual citizens and society as a whole. It is a potent instrument to fight official corruption and promote good governance. This is why many have hailed the adoption of RTI Act, 2009, as the most revolutionary law passed by the Bangladesh Parliament.

To find the Right To Information Act 2009 please click the link bellow.


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