Successes  Story: 001

“How dare you! A couple of years ago you were my student, now you dare to seek secret information from. You underage (not 18+) girls seeking me information. Go talk to your parents, I am not going to disclose any information to you and also not receiving your application.”

The above words said were uttered by the Head Mistress Selina Akter of “No. 4 North Khariya Union Government Primary School” of Khariya Union under Munasiganja District.

In Munasiganja District, a rumor was rampant about various irregularities regarding the Head Mistress and the school. In this connection few of our RTI group member decided to do something for their young ones, especially for the underprivileged children in the area. On April 01, 2014 few of the young RTI activists from the group tried to submit an RTI application mentioning the subject “under the financial year 2012 – 2013 how many children received primary education stipend from your school and also please mention their name and addresses too.” The head mistress became very angry and made the above-mentioned utterance.

As the Head Mistress refused to provide the needed information and also did not receive their application, the RTI activists called an urgent meeting in their group that day. That meeting was presided by the local Field Organizers Saud Khan. In that meeting they decided to meet and submit those RTI applications in the presence of Saud Khan in that school again the next day.

The next day when they all met with the Head Mistress, she refused to reply saying the same thing again. She also said to Saud Khan that she can’t reply to underage (less than 18) citizens. In that connection Saud Khan showed her a book name “Taththo Odhikar Ainer Shahajpath” published by RIB, and showed her the particular section regarding age.

Still she went on arguing about age. After consulting with RIB, Saud Khan went back to the headmistress and confidently showed her the Section 4 of RTI Act 2009, it’s in page number 51 of “Taththo Odhikar Ainer Shahajpath”. Section 4 of Chapter 2, in RTI Act 2009, which mentioned “4. Right to information.—Subject to the provisions of this Act, every citizen shall have the right to information from the authority, and the authority shall, on demand from a citizen, be bound to provide him with the information.”

After that she felt afraid and gave them the information that they required.

At the end they presented her the book “Taththo Odhikar Ainer Shahajpath” .

This was the first success story of this project at Munshiganj District.