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Right to Information Act

People's Right to Know

“Akti Tatthyakaran Prokriya [Right to Information Act in Bangladesh and the Marginalized Communities: A Documentation Process”

This book gives an empirical evidence of the pilot project in 2010 on the right to information. The project objectives, work strategy and work areas are elabor ately described in this book. The project management aspects are also clearly identified.
Bangladeshe Tatthya Odhikar Ain O...

The challenges and opportunities regarding publicizing and use of and sensitization on the right to information law are identified here. Some future directions are also provided in the book. This may be treated as a reference guide for future research works.

“My Right to Asking Information/What Information to Ask/How to Ask/Whom to Ask]”

This book is primarily meant to advance the use of right to information law in Bangladesh.

Aamaar Tatthya Janar Odhikar

With three years of experience, RIB finds that many people are yet to understand how to use this law. Around 95% of the information requests around the country are found to be inconsistent with the spirit of the law. This book provides a number of questions on what information citizens can ask and how to get them. The guidance is based on the experiences of RIB’s RTI team.

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Tatthya Odhikar Ainer Sohoj Path

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Tatthya Odhikar Ainer Sohoj Path:

This book provides detailed explanations of the right to information law so that people can use it appropriately.

The under-resourced communities, among others, will find this book useful in understanding the spirit and contents of the law, and in establishing transparency and accountability in the public offices. The second edition of the book also provides examples of impact of the law in other countries, and shares on some experiences in Bangladesh.